Panic Room – The Limelight, Crewe

Hello! Hope you are all having a fantastic Christmas.

Apologies for the incredible lateness of this post – the last few weeks have been a bit hectic to say the least but now, as I munch on turkey and watch The Chronicles of Narnia, I have time to write it. Just hope my memory holds out as the gig was Dec 4 and I’m typing this on the 26th 🙂

I’d never done played at the Limelight before although the others had in the Karnataka days so I was really looking forward to it, despite various rumours about the new management and that the sound hadn’t been great for a few bands.

I liked the venue, and we soon set about making the stage a bit more festive with balloons and tinsel. My phone pics are online at  and there is a much more professional selection by Stephen Turner here.

At this point I should probably mention that I am now fortunate enough to be endorsed by Italian bass manufacturers Markbass and this was the debut gig for my tiny but deafeningly loud new speaker cab. It looked like a demented Christmas dalek when I’d finished tinselling it and added a fiber-optic Christmas tree!

After hunting out the local chip shop and supermarket we retired to the dressing room as the club began to fill up.

The support band for the night was Jump who played a great set. Vocalist John Dexter Jones’ onstage banter was as entertaining as ever.

And so, around 10pm, we took to the stage. The set was simailr to our standard one but with a couple of little tweaks…

Elektra City / Reborn/Sandstorms / Into The Fire / Banks Of The Ohio / Go / Endgame / Hadditfeel* /O Holy Night* / Yasuni / Black Noise / Apocalypstick / Blood Red Sky / I Wonder What’s Keeping My True Love Tonight / Merry Christmas (War Is Over) / Enter Santa

*Anne solo

Yes, a few Christmas additions – O Holy Night by Anne and then the John Lennon classic as first encore. And then, for final silliness, a re-jigged Enter Sandman renamed Enter Santa with assorted festive references (“we’re off to winter wonderland….”). This particular moment of daftness can be found on Youtube , albeit without Jon’s organ intro. You too can now experience the true glory of my £1 flashing Santa hat (and Anne’s considerably more thought out Santa costume)!

We were besieged by numerous technical hitches throughout the gig (my bass cutting out, Anne’s pedalboard failing, etc) and only about a quarter of the lights at the venure were working ( thanks to Andy, better known as bassist with Mostly Autumn for doing a great job with the lighting), but it was still a really fun gig and seems to be a favourite with fans who’ve followed the tour.

After the gig, we presented Gavin with his belated birthday present -an iPod to replace the MP3 player stolen in Wolverhampton- and headed off in search of the hotel. We finally found it and, before we knew it, we were sitting round at 3.30am eating pizza and kebabs – such a healthy bunch!

Thank you to everyone who came, as always, and I’m looking forward to the next gigs – Jan 30 in The Garage, Swansea and then the re-match with Jump at the Peel , Kingston upon Thames ( a rematch as our first attempt at playing there was foiled by a powercut!)

As it’ the end of a pretty mad year, I will be posting a blog about the happenings of 2008 soon, but for now – take care and enjoy the rest of Christmas!


Now where have I put those chocolate covered brazil nuts……..


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