RPM Challenge and SWJO Big Band Course

Hello. Just thought I’d post a quick blog about a couple of projects I’m working on that may be of interest…

RPM Challenge
The RPM Challenge is quite a simple idea…record an album’s worth of original material (10 songs or 35 minutes) during February, Why? Why not! I love the idea of working to such a constraint and coming up with new material. I have no idea what I’m going to do, or even if I’ll manage to complete it but I’m going to have fun trying! I’m also not allowing myself to use any material written prior to February 1 2009 – great fun!

Once the project is done, I’ll be making the material available free to anyone who wishes to download it.

Steve Waterman Contemporary Big Band Course
From April 3-5 I will be, for the fourth year running, teaching on Steve’s residential big band course in Llanelli, South Wales. It’s a great weekend focusing on, not surprisingly, big band playing as well as jazz improvisation and there are plenty of opportunities to play. Sax virtuoso Alan Barnes is also appearing as a tutor this way which promises to add a new dimension to the course.

If this sounds appealing, full details can be found at http://www.swjo.co.uk/index.php?page=7.

Take care


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