Panic Room – The Venue, Stocksbridge

Hello.Hope you’re all well. Rather than relying on my frequently befuddled memory ( age, etc….), I thought I’d try and do a quick blog about last night’s Panic Room gig while it’s still reasonably fresh 🙂

Yesterday, we travelled up to The Venue in Stocksbridge, which has a Sheffield address, but was actually closer to Rotherham. We all had a slightly surreal feeling driving into Stocksbridge as it is really, really similar to a Welsh valley town – the scenery, the buildings, everything. I guess it comes from Stocksbridge having been based on industry as were the valley towns, albeit they were coal and Stocksbridge was steel. It even has a prominent rugby club – just needed some Welsh road signs to complete the illusion 🙂

The venue itself is lovely – a great hall, decent sized stage and nice backstage facilities including comfy sofas and a shower room. I also have to thank the staff for making us really welcome and generally being lovely.

Once soundcheck was done, we had a couple of hours to kill so, thanks to the detective skills of merchandise supremo Steph, we headed off to the local Chinese. With yesterday also being Comic Relief, we were joined in the Chinese by a group of people in pyjamas 🙂

Support last night came from Barnsley based Gaia who played a great set of politically charged rock songs.

And then it was our turn. We had a great time but were dogged by monitoring problems all night which made it difficult ( and deafening!) at times. I barely heard a note I played all night although several people complemented me on the bass sound through the PA and how good the sound was in general.

The set list was quite a departure from the struture we’ve generally used but seemed to work pretty well…

Yasuni, Pleading The Fifth, Reborn, Into The Fire, Go, Banks Of The Ohio, Endgame, Hadditfeel*, Lily*, Blood Red Sky, Elektra City, Black Noise, Firefly, Sandstorms, The Great Divide, Apocalypstick, I Wonder, No Quarter

*Anne solo. I have to quickly say how fantastic Lily was…it’s one of my favourite songs of Anne’s and it was a great version.

Or at least that was the intended set list 🙂 After No Quarter we left the stage and it soon become apparent that we would be doing a second encore 🙂 This was a wonderful feeling….except we didn’t really have anything to play! We debated a couple of “well, I guess we could…” options before returning to the stage and doing the only sensible thing – ask the audience if there was anything they’d like to hear again 🙂

And so it was that we did an extended version of Sandstorms which included a rare bass solo (which again I couldn’t actually hear!) and an even rarer Gavin Griffiths drum solo! If you’ve not heard Gavin with ourselves, Fish or Mostly Autumn then you should…he is a truly incredible drummer and his solo was fantastic.

It was a great, fun gig. The set, despite the risk of opening with two unrecorded new tracks, seemed to work really well and it was nice to play Firefly again as we haven’t played it live for a while.

And now, time to finish writing the next album and get recording 🙂 More news on our plans for the rest of 2009 coming soon!

Take care,


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