Imogen Heap Remix

Hi all, hope you’re all going have a good Easter.

Just thought I’d post a quick update about a recording I’ve just uploaded to my Reverbnation page (if you’re reading this on Myspace it’s on the player). It’s a remix of Imogen Heap’s “The Song That Never Was”, recorded as part of the charity project Twestival to raise money for clean drinking water in developing nations (more info can be found here).

There are some fantastic versions on the remix page, and it’s an honour to have taken part. If anything, mine is a bit of a cheat as I left the lead vocal exactly as it was and simply recorded a new backing 🙂

The bass track is a live take on my Cort Curbow 6 string, recorded directly into Tracktion 2 on my laptop. I then used a little of Tracktion’s built in reverb and compression and that was it. The only extra recording is the reversed harmonic swell at the beginning ( which was taken from the live take so still only one press of the record button required 🙂 )

Hope you enjoy it.

Also, in case you’ve missed it, I’ve also added the improvised solo bass tune Sunset from “What I Did On My Holiday” to the player ( the album is still available for free download here).

Take care,


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