Panic Room – Satellite Pre-Order and Autumn Tour 2009

Hi all.

Hope you’re all enjoying Summer ( which I guess it is even though the weather suggest otherwise!). I know some of you already know, but for those who may not….

The new Panic Room album, “Satellite”, is now available for pre ordering at . You can also listen to a sampler of the rough mixes. We’re really proud of this album, so please have a listen.

We’ll also be playing a few shows in the UK over the next couple of months, which will feature music from the album that has never been performed live before as well as favourites from our first album, Visionary Position, and anything else that springs to mind 🙂 We’ll be playing….

Friday 11th – The Venue, Stocksbridge
Saturday 12th – The Peel, Kingston upon Thames
Sunday 13th – Milkwood Jam, Swansea
Friday 18th – The Duchess, York
Saturday 19th – The Flowepot, Derby
Sunday 20th – The Marrs Bar, Worcester

Friday 23rd – The Limelight Theatre, Aylesbury

Friday 13th – Esquires, Bedford

Hopefully see you there!

I’ll also being writing a couple of blogs shortly for the bass – centric amongst you : one on the recording of the album ( prepare your anoraks for details of which bass, which pedal, etc,etc) and one ( on the Bassbook blog ) which will feature transcriptions of some of the bass riffs so you can play along!

Take care,


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