Panic Room – September Tour Part 2

Hello again!

The next phase of the Panic Room adventure started by heading north to The Duchess in York, a long journey at the best of times made worse by assorted roadworks. About 7 hours later we arrived in York, admittedly briefly at the wrong venue (onyl by about 20 feet though – the stage doors are on the same little lane!). Somehow we managed to set up and soundcheck in record time and all was well.

We had two support bands tonight – Satori and Kasiuss. I regret to say I only caught the first song of Satori’s set but did get to see some of Kasiuss’ wonderfully tight and energetic set.

Due to the line up, we had to cut the set down a little so went for the uptempo approach…

Freedom To Breathe, Fifth Amendment, Yasuni, Reborn,Go, Endgame, Blood Red Sky, I Am A Cat, Elektra City, Black Noise, Sandstorms, Dark Star, Apocalypstick

Encore: Satellite

Really enjoyed York – great audience,lovely venue and a great reception. The only downside for me was the stage sound which meant I spent a lot of the set not realy hearing myself depsite being right next to my amp. I think I need to go back to York socially too – I really liked what I saw of the town and want to explore!

Finding the hotel was much easier this time (once we managed to get the receptionist to open the door!) and we only had a shortish journey to Derby the following day so managed to get a decent lie in and check out at the last possible second – bliss!

The Flowerpot in Derby is another venue we played on the last tour and was one of the real highlights so we were looking forward to it. We managed to load in early and set up at a more relaxed pace before nipping off to the local Wetherspoons for food before soundcheck. Soundcheck took a while due to various technical gremlins but eventually we got it all sorted and souding good.

No support band tonight so we were able to do a full length ( just under 2 hours-ish) set…

Freedom To Breathe, Fifth Amendment, Yasuni, Reborn, Into The Fire, Go, Endgame, Sandstorms, Blood Red Sky, Elektra City, Black Noise, The Great Divide,, I Am A Cat, Dark Star, Apocalypstick

1st Encore: Satellite
2nd Encore : No Quarter

The Derby audience were absolutely incredible – loads of people and very, very enthusiastic. It was my favourite show of this little tour, such a great vibe! So good in fact that we resurrected our mutated version of Led Zeppelin’s No Quarter as a second encore.

And so, after a relaxed evening and morning staying with our wonderful merch people Ray and Steph, we set off for the final gig of this leg – The Marrs Bar in Worcester. Again we managed to get in early, set up at a relaxed pace, and eat before the soundcheck ( another Wetherspoons – always reliable for food while travelling as they’re pretty much all the same!).

The hospitality at the Marrs Bar is wonderful, the dressing room basically being the landlord’s flat! Well, I say it belongs to the landlord but in effect I think it’s really owned by Rufus, the black cat who lives there and seems to have missed his vocation as airport security – there is no bag that he won’t find his way into!

Unfortunately, the intro music CD decided it didn’t want to work in the venue player so had to be skipped but otherwise everything went pretty much to plan, with the set being largely the same as Derby…

Freedom To Breathe, Fifth Amendment, Yasuni, Reborn, Into The Fire, Go, Endgame, Sandstorms, Blood Red Sky, Elektra City, Black Noise, The Great Divide,, I Am A Cat (dedicated to Rufus), Dark Star, Apocalypstick

Encore: Satellite

The layout of the venue meant people were largely sat a distance from the stage so the gig didn’t have the atmosphere of the previous two nights but it was still well received and people seemed to enjoy it.

Overall, the tour has been a great success. It’s been lovely to see so many old friends and meet new ones – thank you to everybody who came to the gigs and made it such fun for us!!!

We’ll be busy beavering away for the next couple of weeks working on finishing the album ( which, in case I haven’t mentioned it can be pre-ordered HERE – hee hee) but then we’ll be at Limelight Theatre in Aylesbury on Oct 23 and Esquires in Bedford on Nov 13. Hope to see you there!

Take care,


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