O Holy Night – Free Download

Hi all. Hope you’re all getting ready for Christmas?

Just a quick blog to say that this year’s free Christmas song is now available to download absolutely free. You can get the MP3 HERE or download it in just about any format (inc FLAC, MP3, etc) from Bandcamp HERE.

I really like this carol so enjoyed working up an arrangement. I’ve usually played the Christmas freebies on 6 string, but this year I decided to use my Squier VM Jazz 4 string, and am really pleased with the tone*

*Geeky stuff : The Jazz was recorded directly into my laptop using Tracktion on Dec 6 2009. The main track is one take, although I redid the minor section as it distorted the first time and replaced one chord in the outro. I then copied the track and placed the original in the centre of the stereo field, with everything over 10kHz filtered out, with two copies panned hard left and right. These copies then had a little low pass filtering and reverb added to them. I also tried miking my bass for some ambience but forgot I had a cold so that track mainly contained breathing! I left that one off 😉

As usual, a transcription of the arrangement will be made available to my mailing list in a few days time so, if you fancy playing along, you can sign up HERE. NB This is a brand new arrangement ( finished the night before it was recorded in fact) so isn’t included in the Christmas Songs for Bass PDF Collection and will only be available via the mailing list.

Hope you enjoy!
Take care


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