She Makes War Remix

Hi all.

Hot on the heels of my remix for guitarist Matt Stevens, here comes another one, this time for vocalist,multi-instrumentalist, videographer and all round talented person Laura Kidd . The original track is about to be release as a single under the name She Makes War and you can hear the radio edit of it here.

Here’s my version….

So, what’s going on here? The first thing you here is one of the lines from Laura’s backing vocals, reversed and fed through a huge reverb from TC Electronic’s fantastic (and free) M30 plugin.

The “heartbeat” 808-style bass drum is again a sample from the original track but it is doubled with a second sample which is pitched down an octave and run though Tracktion’s built in reverb. The first verse vocal is completely untouched, and the percussion that enters halfway through is an ersdrums plug in through an 8th note delay. The actual pattern was a “happy accident” – I just opened up the MIDI editor and randomly wrote in a 3 or 4 note phrase which worked perfectly!

The second verse sees the entry of Laura’s guitar track ( doubled and panned hard left and right). This track then runs “as is” for the remainder of the tune. This verse also sees the arrival of an answering vocal phrase. I’d like to give a complex answer about how this was achieved using carefully timed echoes but, to be honest, I just took a copy of the original track and nudged it back a bar! It’s then run through one of my favourite fee plugins – the Marshall JCM900 simulator from GuitarSuite. The JCM900 simulation was also responsible for the distorted vocals used from the chorus to the end.

The chugging bass track that enters around 1:25 is my Squier VM Jazz in drop-D tuning and played palm muted with a light pick. The bass sound is a blend of the DI’d bass and a second track running through the “Comp Rock” setting on my Amplitube SVX plug in.

The “live drums” were programmed in ezdrummer and the heavy guitars that enter with the chorus are my newest toy – a 1988 Ibanez Jem! I’d always wanted one and am really pleased to have found it. The actual guitar sound was created by copying the guitar part onto a second track and panning the two tracks hard left and right. The right hand track is going through the trusty JCM900 plugin again, and the left hand one is running through my newest freebie discovery – AradazAmp2 White, which seems to simulate a Mesa Boogie type tone which is perfect for James Hetfield style metal guitar.

The outro sees a couple of extra tracks being added. The clean chorused “Johnny Marr tribute” guitar arpeggios are the Jem again as are the 16th note octaves ( played through the JCM900 yet again, and a Little Duck filter plugin). There is also a piano track hiding under all those guitars which you can’t really hear, but I really noticed “something” missing when I muted it so it stayed.

And there we have it. Hope you enjoy and please check out Laura’s music.



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