The Cafe Noodle Bootleg – available now!

Hi all, hope you’re well.

I’m pleased to announce that I have a brand new live mini-album available to download from….now!

The album was recorded on April 15 as part of a streamed online concert on the wonderful Cafe Noodle network. In fact, at the time of writing you can still watch the concert and a 9 minute soubdcheck clip on the front page of the site.

All the tracks were performed in one take on my Cort Curbow 6 string bass and there are no overdubs or loops – it’s just me and a bass plugged directly into my computer. All the tracks are original pieces (although you may find some sneaky covers on the video stream of the whole gig).
You can hear, and download 6 tunes on the player above OR you can also download the entire album PLUS a PDF of exclusive liner notes AND a bonus track which is unavailable anywhere else for a minimum price only £3 (which right now is less than $5!).

Hope you enjoy!

PS If you’re on Twitter, feel free to follow me to keep up with special offers, releases and general ramblings @alunvaughan


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