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New EP now available

Posted in Uncategorized on December 14, 2012 by alunvaughan

Hi all, hope you’re all well and getting (at least slightly) ready for Christmas.

Every Christmas for the last few years I’ve recorded a Christmas song (if you haven’t heard them you can do so at , but this year I decided, as I’ve just released the audio version of the Christmas Songs For Solo Bass transcription book ( ),  that people had probably had enough of hearing me play carols so thought my 2012 “Christmas single” should be something different.

I had several solo short pieces  that I’d written over the years and had been messing about with Brahms’ Lullaby so the idea began to form of recording a little EP of quiet reflective music. And here it is!

All the tunes are solo bass guitar, using my Yamaha TRB1006 six string bass, recorded direct and feature very minimal overdubs; the majority of what you hear is one take.

It’s available to download for free or if you want to pay any amount, you are more than welcome to do so but don’t have to.

Have a fantastic Christmas!

Take care



Christmas Songs For Solo Bass – now with audio!

Posted in Uncategorized on December 1, 2012 by alunvaughan

Hi everyone, hope you are well. It’s finally happened, the Christmas Songs For Solo Bass ebook is now available with audio examples of all the tracks!

Ever have that awkward moment where everyone is sitting round at Christmas and someone says “Play us something on that bass of yours”? Well, here’s the answer…

* 10 Christmas songs arranged for solo bass guitar in notation and tablature. All arrangements are playable on a 4 string 20 fret bass so can be played on 99% of the instruments out there.
* Transcriptions of just the melodies in easy to play keys, ideal for beginners
* Two mini lessons, one on playing natural harmonics and one on using the two handed tapping technique used in the arrangement of Jingle Bells

This book has been available via for a few years but this is the first time that it has featured the audio tracks. So, for £3.50 you get 10 audio tracks (as MP3s, Wavs, or most other formats due to the wonders of Bandcamp) plus three PDFs – the arrangements, the melodies , and a third book of performance notes.

It’s available now over at

Have fun!
Take care