And Now For Something Completely Different…ColliderHope

It’s that time of year again – RPM Challenge month! For those not familiar with the RPM Challenge, the idea is to record an album (defined as 10 tracks or 35 mins) during the month of February. I’ve taken part for several years and each year it’s fun and challenging to come up with something new and get it totally finished in the short timeframe.

This year I wanted to do something totally different and, having recently purchased an iPad Mini, was enjoying messing about with the Beatwave sequencer app. I decided it might be fun to do some pieces using Beatwave and maybe add some additional instruments.

So I sat down on Feb 2 to experiment and ,36 and a bit minutes later, ColliderHope was finished. This album consists of one long improvised piece, played entirely with the Beatwave app. I debated adding some extra instrumentation but liked it as it was so left it alone. The album has the piece edited into 8 sections and also has the entire piece as one 36m05sec track so you can either enjoy it in sections or sit back and listen to the whole thing as it was recorded (the only edit is a bar I had to chop out after my laptop had a funny turn recording it).

I know this album may well not appeal to a lot of people who listen to my solo bass music but you never know, you might just like it 🙂

All being well, I hope to have another EP out around Easter time (which will be another “not what you expected” project) and then I’ll be starting work on my next solo bass album.

Take care



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